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Mobile Application Features /How to Integrate Advertising into the Application with AdMob?
November 29, 2018 Mobile Application Features 2 Comments
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How to Integrate Ads into the Application with AdMob?
1. Create an adwords account

You need a Google Adwords account to log in to AdMob. Create one at

2. Create an AdMob Account (integrating ads into the application with Admob)

Log in to AdMob at and create your account after selecting your AdWords account.

3. Create an Ad

Once you log in to AdMob, you will reach this page:

Click “Applications” and click “ADD APP”:

Then, if you have published your app, click “YES” and you will have to search for your app in stores. If “NO”, enter an “App name” and select the platform you want to publish your app on:

Click on the icon and choose between interstitial or banner (rewarding is not supported). Give the ad a name and click “CREATE STEP UNIT”:

Note the ad unit ID:

You can also repeat the same process to create another type of ad or the same type of ad, but for another type of system/device.

4. Add Advertising Unit ID to Your Application

In the Editor, go to your app’s Publishing tab.

Check “Monetise my app using AdMob” and enter the ad unit ID you just created:

With Admob, you can also split app revenue between your AdMob and your user’s AdMob. For example, if you selected 60 percent, the user’s app will have 60 percent of your Ads and 40 percent of their ads.

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Admob Configuration

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